November 27, 2022

The game is really good! I’ve been playing since day one.

What I personally love about Genshin is its:

1) Esthetics – It’s a journey just to explore it and be immersed in it. The quality of the world is just awe-breaking to me. It’s truly an experience I would wish more people would appreciate the beauty of it.

2) Characters – the sheer amount of detail has been put into each major character that you, give or take, will want to know more about them and even eventually obtain them. I don’t see how Mihoyo managed to do this but they keep breaking minds with their already available characters and the upcoming characters

3) Music – HoyoMix is just something. More precise, Yu Peng Chen is a legend and a mastermind when it comes to music. His pieces are one of a kind. He composes music like no one else and every piece just fits so well with the world and characters them selfs. It’s just mesmerizing to be immersed in music. I’d say music is the biggest carry to the game.

4) Story & Lore – I’ve never been so interested in ingame lore since like Witcher 3 or the Mass Effect series. The hidden lore is built on Gnosticism, Demonology, Nors Mythology and else. It’s really captivating to experience it for yourself. The story is slow but the slow burn is magical when something is revealed at last! Especially the Archon Quests. DON’T SKIP THEM AND DON’T SKIP THE DIALOGUE BY ALL MINS! This is the main of the main story’s to go by. There will you experience most of the game’s culmination.


Sure, the game has its flaws – lack of endgame content, gacha etc. But for me, despite the mentioned flaws, I still love the game and highly encourage future players to try out. 🙏