November 30, 2022

Google Tensor

DigiTimes reported that Samsung’s 3nm process “3GAE”, which is rumored to be producing Tensor 3 for Google Pixel 8, has a good product rate of less than 20%, which is worse than the 35% good product rate of the 4nm process.

Current non-defective product rate is 20% or less

Samsung will introduce a Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture in its 3nm process.
DigiTimes says that the first generation of the Google Tensor chip will be manufactured on Samsung’s 5nm process, and the second generation Tensor 2 will be manufactured on the 4nm process.
With only 35% of the semiconductors manufactured on the 4nm process being good, Qualcomm switched to TSMC to manufacture the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.
If the non-defective rate of the 3nm process “3GAE” is lower than that, and it is less than 20%, it seems necessary to make many improvements on the Tensor 3 production line before the Google Pixel 8 is released.
Also, this bad background may have influenced the discontinuation of development of the Exynos 2300.
Source: DigiTimes
Photo: Galaxy Club

Source: iPhone Mania

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