May 28, 2023

Pixel 6 Pro 👉
Pixel 6A 👉
Pixel 6 👉
The new Pixel 6A offers the same powerful Tensor chip, great photography, and smooth software as the 6 and 6 Pro, so is the extra money worth it??

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Each has 3 colors, not all the same
Very similar appearance – an obvious pixel, from across the room – very recognizable
Polished rails vs matte
Gorilla Glass victus on pro, GG6 on regular, and plastic on 6a
6a has smaller bump (good and bad)
6a is plastic while 6 and 6 pro are glass,

the 6 and 6 pro have gorilla glass victus while the 6a has Gorilla Glass 3 (more scratches for pro but less shattering)

6a is IP67 while other two are IP68
6a lacks wireless charging

6.1” vs 6.4” vs 6.7”
60 vs 90 vs 120 Hz
60Hz is not a big deal
Flat Full HD+ OLED on two, Pro has LTPO OLED QHD+ slightly curved
All three have FP sensor under display, and holepunch camera
All have AOD
All have HDR capabilities
Shadows in corner on 6A. The 6 pro is very very very clearly a better display with more vibrant colors and less errors

Chunkier bezels

One handed ability
I actually really like smaller phones
I like glass better than plastic backs, but this plastic back is pretty close
The slower refresh rate with this 60Hz display can feel a little clunky (you just notice animations more)
Identical software
Not a huge difference in speakers

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6a has old 12MP wide and ultrawide, plus 8MP selfie
6 has new 50MP wide and 12MP ultrawide, plus 8MP selfie
6 Pro has new 50MP wide, 48MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide, 11MP selfie
Pretty much all the same features though – magic eraser, face unblur, night sight, portrait, etc.
You would probably notice the difference in snapchat or instagram cameras
6 and 6 Pro has more natural bokeh with larger sensor

6-8-12GB RAM
All have Tensor chip
128 GB base storage, up to 512 with pro

$899 vs $599 vs $449

4410 vs 4600 vs 5000 mAh batteries
Mostly just for displays, since they have the same processors
18W for P6A, 30W for other two
Wireless charging

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