January 29, 2023

Pixel tablet usi_1

Mishal Rahman of XDA Developers posted on Twitter that the source code of Android 13 suggested that the Google Pixel Tablet may only support 64-bit apps.

“Move tangor to 64-bit only” statement

Rahman said the Google Pixel Tablet, codenamed ‘tangor’, may be limited to 64-bit apps only.
Restricting support to only 64-bit apps reduces memory consumption, but it also means that 32-bit apps can’t run on the Google Pixel Tablet, Rahman wrote.

Pointed out that 64-bit applications have become popular for the past three years

Regarding this prediction, Notebookcheck says that Google will require developers to publish 64-bit apps on the Google Play store from mid-2019, and that there is no problem even if 32-bit apps are not supported.
Source: Notebookcheck
Photo: NuGiz

Source: iPhone Mania

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