January 29, 2023


In order to bring you a more comprehensive and professional user experience, inspire you to enjoy sports, live a more active and healthy life, and welcome a stronger and better self, we have upgraded Haylou Fun.

Haylou Fun can support connecting a variety of smart devices and integrate health and exercise data to comprehensively manage your health.

Key features of Haylou Fun:

【Record health data】
Record steps, consumption, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen saturation, menstrual tracking and other data to pay attention to your own health.

【Multiple sports records】
Support 100+ exercise modes, record data such as duration, heart rate, consumption, distance, trajectory, pace, exercise target, etc. during exercise, and support voice broadcast of exercise status.

【Device Management】
Manage the device on the APP side, and enable settings such as message notification, call reminder, alarm clock, weather, etc.

【Rich dials】
There are a large number of watch faces to choose from. You can choose your favorite watch face to synchronize with the watch according to your mood, and you can set your favorite picture as your own watch face.

【Night sleep monitoring and analysis】
Record sleep information every night, analyze your sleep quality score by analyzing the proportion of different sleep in sleep, and provide corresponding sleep analysis and suggestions.

【Data Sharing]】This app supports Apple’s “Health” app. After authorization, you can synchronize your steps and other health data to the “Health” app.

Haylou Fun will be connected to more smart devices in the future, adding more useful and fun functions, let us accompany you to live a healthy life together!

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If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send feedback to:
[email protected] (or submit feedback in the app)


By Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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