November 27, 2022

iphone14 pro

The announcement of the iPhone 14 series is approaching within a week, but concept designer Ian Zelbo (@ianzelbo) has created and released a concept image of the iPhone 14 Pro based on the latest rumors.

A long pill notch?

The concept image of the iPhone 14 Pro released by Mr. Zelbo uses a long pill-shaped notch instead of the i-type.

There has been consistent information regarding the details of the specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro, such as official-style copy cases being circulated in China at a fairly early stage. A new theory has emerged about how to open the front display.
Mark Garman, who is said to have his own sources inside Apple, has begun to claim that the notch of the iPhone 14 Pro will still be a long pill type.
According to one theory, the notch of the iPhone 14 Pro is i-shaped when the display is off, and it is said to be a long pill shape when the display is on.
Mr. Zelbo has also released the wallpaper file used for the concept image.

Source: @ianzelbo/Twitter

Source: iPhone Mania

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