November 30, 2022

Delta emulator iOS 16 | how to download Delta on iPhone! Do you own an iPhone or iPad and want to get the Delta Emulator? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you the full process to get the Delta emulator for iPhone and iPad, even on the latest iOS 16, in this tutorial. The great part about the Delta app, is it supports all iOS firmwares from iOS 12.2 and up, meaning iOS 16 is supported as well.

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⏳Time Stamps
0:00 Requirements
0:35 Download & Setup AltServer
3:29 Use AltServer to get AltStore
4:25 Untrusted Developer FIX
4:46 Developer Mode Required FIX
5:20 Setup AltStore
6:25 Get Delta from AltStore
6:54 7 Day Refresh (MUST WATCH)
7:15 Auto refresh Delta
8:00 Use Delta
10:29 Outro

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