November 30, 2022

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Hey guys. Bringing you guys a video today on how to uninstall the LiberiOS Jailbreak on your I Devices. This exploit works between IOS versions 11.0.0 and 11.1.2.

Please keep in mind that this jailbreak it still incomplete and needs more work. Cydia and the Cydia Substrate have not and will not be ported to for this exploit, therefore, this is the reason why i am uninstalling it.

What you neeed:
—➣ Iphone on IOS firmware between 11.0.0 – 11.1.2
—➣ PC or MAC with ITUNES
—➣ An APPLE DEVELOPER LICENSE – you can make these for free
—➣ A Charger/usb cable to plug your i device into the computer

—➣ The LiberiOS Exploit –
—➣ Cydia Impactor –
—➣ Filza –!cmRigBpA!3Kz9pN-0HIW3aZL5MUjkgcyN8fdhk-0Sm_Ir3e2pah8
—➣ Filza mirror –
—➣ Written tutorial –

—➣ ssh [email protected]”Your Device IP” (e.g. ssh [email protected])
—➣ /jb/

—➣ Username – root
—➣ Password – alpine
—➣ Port – 22

Don’t forget to let me know if you guys want me to make a video on something and i’ll do my best to deliver it to you

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