December 2, 2022

iPhone 14 event

Keynotes or Apple special events they always create a lot of expectations around the world. This is an event that showcases equipment and products that will be sold around the world and whose impact is growing. On this occasion, the next Apple event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater on July 7th at Apple Park in Cupertino. Expect the new iPhone 14 and its different models as well as the Apple Watch Series 8. Do you want to follow events in real time? We explain how.

Endless Possibilities to Watch Apple iPhone 14 Live Demo

Apple events have always featured live broadcasts around the world to keep track of news from the Big Apple. Over the years, the number of alternatives to follow the event has grown and anyone can watch the event from home. We explain a few options to be able to see the event on the 7th.

Apple official website

La Apple’s official website it can be a place of reference to be able to see the event. At this point, we don’t know if it will be recorded and broadcast like what we’ve seen so far with COVID-19. However, the last recorded event includes subtitles in different languages, so following the events on the official Apple website gives us two benefits: Highest quality and subtitles in your language.


A few years ago, Apple took a leap forward in broadcasting events on YouTube, and today it’s one of the most-used options for users. Apple has created an upcoming broadcast on 19/00 at 7pm and we can follow it from any computer or YouTube app on any device.

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Apple TV

If available on YouTube, Apple will also stream your activity on its Apple TV app. A few minutes before the event, an announcement will be made via a notification and we will be able to access the content. Since the Apple TV app is also on a different platform, viewership through this format is also huge.

developer app

Finally, Apple has also activated the retransmission of events in its developer-facing app, called Apple Developer. The operation is similar to the previous case. The entire broadcast will be shown at 7:00pm on March 19, and anyone who wants to follow it through this app can do so.