December 5, 2022

yandex taxi

A novel hacking technique was used to order a large number of taxis from the same location and cause traffic jams. It is believed to be one of the first examples of attackers using an app-based taxi company to wreak havoc on the road.

Video showing traffic jam released

A video has been shared by Russian Market (@runews) that shows the ride-hailing service Yandex Taxi being hacked and causing a very long traffic jam.

A Yandex spokesperson confirmed the hack, saying that “dozens of drivers received bulk orders in Moscow’s Fili district.”
The Fili district is located outside the center of Moscow, along Kutuzovsky Prospekt, a boulevard leading from the southwest to the center of Moscow. It’s unclear why the district was targeted, and a Yandex spokeswoman declined to comment on details of the attack.

Hacking vehicles is a hot topic in the cybersecurity industry

There has been research in the cybersecurity industry for several years into hacking vehicles using various means. Most notably, two security researchers hacked a Jeep Cherokee driven by Wired journalist Andy Greenberg and successfully stopped the engine on a highway. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek broke in through an internet-connected entertainment system.
Vice concludes the post, highlighting the dangers of the “connected world.”
Source: Vice
Photo: Yandex Taxi

Source: iPhone Mania

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