December 5, 2022

iPhone14 Pro Max TD_5

The YouTube channel “PBKreviews” performs an initial disassembly of the iPhone14 Pro Max and reports the new heat dissipation mechanism of the A16 Bionic in a video.

A graphite sheet is also used in the cooling mechanism.

PBKreviews states that the internal structure of the iPhone14 Pro Max is different from the iPhone13 Pro Max than the impression from the outside.
The battery is an L-type with a capacity of 4,323mAh, and next to it is a logic board with an A16 Bionic.
iPhone14 Pro Max TD_2

The logic board uses a combination of a metal heat sink and a graphite sheet as a cooling mechanism.
PBKreviews explains that this is probably why Apple introduced a superior cooling mechanism in its product launch keynote.
iPhone14 Pro Max TD_4

In addition, the TrueDepth camera, which combines the Face ID sensor and front camera, is about 30% smaller than the iPhone13 Pro Max.
iPhone14 Pro Max TD_3

In addition, you can find differences from the iPhone13 Pro Max in the 48-megapixel rear wide-angle camera.
iPhone14 Pro Max TD_1

Expect detailed teardown videos from iFixit

This teardown video confirms the arrangement of parts inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and does not provide detailed explanations of the installed parts.
It is expected that they will be introduced in future iFixit teardown videos.

Source: PBKreviews via 9to5Mac

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