November 30, 2022

David & David tell you about 10 iOS 15.4 settings you need to change now. Apple has introduced many great new features over the past few months. We’ll show you how to see what apps are doing on your iPhone, limit tracking when you’re using cellular data, add notes to your Keychain passwords, and much more!

1. Face ID With A Mask [0:14]
2. Add A Legacy Contact [1:02]
3. Limit IP Address Tracking [2:02]
4. Notes For iCloud Keychain Passwords [2:32]
5. Hide My Email In The Mail App [3:26]
6. New Siri Voice [4:18]
7. App Privacy Report [4:45]
8. New Wallet Widget [5:28]
9. Macro Camera Control [5:54]
10. 120Hz Refresh Rate For Third-Party Apps [6:53]
11. BONUS: Should You Turn On Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement? [8:32]

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