February 8, 2023

iOS 15.5 settings you should change right away. iOS 15.5 has been released with a few new features and changes. There are iOS 15.5 settings you need to change but also older iOS 15 settings you need to take a look at and see if you have them configured the right way and change them.


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Intro 0:00
Hit the button 0:25
New on 15.5 0:39
Must check after update 1:59
Tracking notifications 2:30
Persistent 3:15
Forwarding 3:37
Limit IP 4:21
Mail privacy 4:52
App privacy 5:27
Hide IP 6:16
Find my 6:47
Immediate notifications 7:59
Automations 8:42
Across devices 9:18
Focus status 10:14
Apps on focus 10:53
Weather 11:35
Scheduled summary 12:09
Apps tracking 13:01

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