November 27, 2022

iOS16.1 beta 3

With iOS 16.1 Beta 3 released by Apple on September 27th local time, it is now easier to switch between lock screen and home screen wallpaper sets.

Wallpaper can be set by long pressing on the lock screen

With iOS 16, you can now set wallpaper for both the lock screen and home screen from the lock screen. Moreover, it is possible to save not only one set, but multiple combinations of wallpapers.
However, in iOS16, the official version of which is currently released, wallpaper switching can only be done on the lock screen. Long press on the lock screen and select wallpaper.

iOS16.1 Beta 3 can also be switched from the Settings app

However, in iOS16.1 Beta 3, which is currently released for developers, the wallpaper can be switched from the Settings app. To be precise, you can switch and customize wallpaper sets in the “Wallpapers” of the iPhone Settings app.

Other new features in iOS16.1

In iOS 16.1, several other changes have been made. For example, even iPhones including iPhone11 and iPhone13 mini can display the remaining battery level in percentage. Also, the percentage display icon has changed.

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: iPhone Mania

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