January 28, 2023

iOS 16 Fix Touch Screen Problems | iOS 16 Beta Bugs | Uninstall iOS 16 beta (Revert to iOS 15-15.6)

in this video I will guide you on how to iOS 16 Fix Touch Screen Problems | iOS 16 Beta Bugs | Uninstall iOS 16 betas (Revert to iOS 15-15.6).

We Cover topics:
How do I fix my iPhone touchscreen glitch?
How do I fix my touchscreen glitch?
Can an unresponsive touch screen be fixed?
How do I fix the ghost touch glitch?

Have you installed iOS 16 beta on your iPhone? And now you’re facing touch screen issues? There can be many reasons for this, as Apple might have made some underlying changes that could bork the touchscreen on your iPhone. Nonetheless, here are some general tips, tricks, and solutions you can follow to fix touch screen issues on your iPhone running iOS 16.

Rarely, an iPhone touch screen stops working or becomes unresponsive to touch. It’s obvious when this happens, you’ll touch the screen and nothing happens, swipes will be ignored, taps don’t do anything, and another touch on the screen doesn’t register any behavior. It’s clearly annoying if the iPhone screen is no longer working and not responding to touch, and it’s not subtle.

Some common touch screen-related issues that many iPhone users are reporting after installing the iOS 16 betas include:

iPhone Screen not working on iPhone.
The touch screen becomes unresponsive while receiving calls.
iPhone Touch Screen not working while swiping or tapping.


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