December 3, 2022

IT House September 3 news, according to MacRumors reports, a source said that the iPhone 14 Pro’s lock screen function is very unique, and the status bar will also be greatly changed. It was previously reported that the “exclamation mark”-shaped punch hole in the iPhone 14 Pro model can be set to a complete “pill” shape.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro always-on display details

▲ The picture is from MacRumors, the same below

MacRumors pointed out that the iOS 16 lock screen will be directly associated with the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen-free display interface and integrate features such as notifications, depth of field effects, and wallpaper colors.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro always-on display details

It is reported that the status bar of the iPhone 14 Pro will also change as the available space at the top of the screen increases, the cellular signal indicator will move to the left, and the notification center will redisplay the full screen when the screen is locked and the device is locked. battery status bar.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro always-on display details

The source shared several images purportedly based on Apple information, showing some of the iPhone 14 Pro differences and providing further information. The iPhone 14 Pro will have the following features and changes:

  • When the screen is always on, the lock screen wallpaper with depth of field effect, the background is removed and completely darkened, and the foreground is darkened. Additionally, the foreground will be color and characteristic edge highlights based on user-defined settings.

  • To prevent OLED burn-in, on-screen widgets remain on the screen, but fade in and out at set intervals.

  • The content displayed on both lock screens must be configured in the same way and cannot be separated, which means they must share the same wallpapers, color choices, fonts, and widgets. The core visual elements of the always-on display itself can be customized independently.

  • Notifications will be part of the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display experience, and like a normal lock screen, notifications will scroll in from the bottom each time and remain vaguely visible for 10 seconds. Once the display is woken up, the notification will animate from the bottom and continue with user-defined settings for how the notification is displayed on the lock screen (such as count, stack, or list).

  • Apple may also allow users to enable a notification counter at the bottom of the Always On Display.

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In addition, it is reported that Apple is also planning to release an update soon after the release of the iPhone 14 Pro, such as iOS 16.0.1 or 16.1, which will fix the device’s screen display and wallpaper issues.