September 25, 2022

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, most of the major international manufacturers’ presentation activities would be packed with the main products of the season as much as possible in the same event. According to records, more and more manufacturers are splitting product announcements of different natures in the same season into multiple events, among which Apple’s announcement event is an example; now it is expected that Apple will hold the announcement of the iPhone 14 series in September. Products such as the iPad or Mac were announced at the same event, but according to a South Korean survey report, Apple will arrange an online presentation dedicated to the M2 version of the iPad Pro and the new entry-level iPad in October.

▲ The design of the entry-level iPad may be on par with the iPad Air, and the Lightning will be cancelled and replaced by USB Type-C

According to recent rumors, the overall design of the M2 version of the iPad Pro will not have too significant changes, mainly focusing on the improvement of the processor platform; however, the entry-level iPad will be a new and major revision design, or the overall design will be similar to that of the iPad Pro. Other iPads are closer. In addition to the larger screen, the new entry-level iPad will abandon the current metal back with a curved frame and replace it with a vertical frame design. At the same time, the body is thinner than the current design, but the lens module is raised. It will also be the last iPad to abandon Lightning and change to the more versatile USB Type-C. In addition, the processor is said to use A14 Bionic, and the mobile network version will be the 5G version, but it is also rumored that it will be abandoned. 3.5mm headphone jack.

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As a result, Apple’s September conference may focus on the iPhone, but it cannot be ruled out that Apple will take the opportunity to release a new generation of Apple Watch that is highly related to the iPhone, as well as the rumored new AirPods that may support LE Audio.