November 30, 2022

iPhone 14 or all 6G memory Apple conscience

Why did I think it was an illusion when I saw this news, iPhone 14 or full 6G memory? Is it that Apple has found out in its conscience, or is it a certainty that the price of the iPhone 14 will increase? The active release of the iPhone 14 has a super upgrade of RAM. Many netizens believe that the memory of Apple’s mobile phone is finally perfect, and it will not always be worse than Android.

It’s coming to Apple’s September autumn conference soon. The iPhone 14 will be unveiled soon. The news is flying all over the sky, and now there is always good news worthy of fruit fans.

However, it is worth noting that although the iPhone 14 mobile phones are all 6GB RAM, only the 14 Pro/Pro Max is LPDDR5, and the 14/14 Plus is still LPDDR4X.

Judging from the news from various supply chains, this revelation is still very credible.

But it’s ridiculous that just after praising Apple’s conscience, I suddenly saw the news that the Apple App Store was exposed to a large number of pornographic apps; this is a tragedy. Really can’t help but brag.

It is reported that there is more than one color app in the Apple App Store, and this is not the first time that the Apple App Store has been exposed to loopholes. As early as 2013, the Office of the National “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegal Law” released a message saying that the Apple App Store will be investigated and punished according to law. 198 websites with obscene and pornographic information.

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Of course, industry analysts believe that an app needs to pass Apple’s official review before it can be officially launched on the Apple App Store. However, many developers of bad apps do not add illegal content to the initial version of the app submitted for review, but wait until the app is on the shelves, and then update and iterate the app to reveal its true colors. But even so, it can still be checked out. Apple cannot escape the responsibility of these exposed bad apps.