February 8, 2023

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The list of compatible models for macOS Ventura, which is scheduled to be officially released this fall, is for Mac models from 2017 to 2019 and later, but there seems to be a way to run it on older models.

Demonstrates macOS Ventura in action on four older Mac systems

If you use OpenCore Legacy Patcher, which can install the latest macOS on unsupported Macs, it seems that macOS Ventura will work on older Mac models.
Mykola Grimalyuk (@khronokernel), who leads the OpenCore Legacy Patcher project, has successfully run macOS Ventura on Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac mini (2012), Mac mini (2014), and 5k iMac (2014). and posted a screenshot.

Support for macOS Ventura on older systems could be good news for users who want to keep using legacy Apple hardware.
However, Grimaljuk warns that it is not yet known when mainline support for the proven functionality will be introduced in the mainline version of OpenCore Legacy Patcher.
Source: Apple Insider

Source: iPhone Mania

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