February 8, 2023

According to MacRumors, Apple is about to launch a new iPad 10 product, which adopts a design similar to the iPad mini, with a right-angled middle frame and a power button on the top. The dimensions are 248.62mm x 179.50mm x 6.98mm.

It is not much different from the 11-inch version of the iPad Pro (the dimensions of the iPad Pro are 247.6mm × 178.5mm × 5.9mm), and the size is 10.5 inches, which is slightly smaller than the iPad Pro.

Not only that, the iPad 10 uses Touch ID, supports screen fingerprint recognition, cut off the 3.5mm headphone jack, and uses a USB-C interface.


At present, Apple has popularized the USB-C interface on the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini 6. Only the iPad 9 is still using the unimpressive Lightning, and now the iPad 10 has finally kept up with the large force.

In terms of core configuration, the iPad 10 is equipped with the Apple A14 processor, which is the chip used in the iPhone 12 series. It is based on the 5nm process and adopts a 6-core design, which improves the performance by 40% compared with the A12; the GPU adopts a 4-core design, and the performance is higher than that of the A12 chip. over 30%.

It is worth noting that considering that the iPad Pro, iPad Air and other models support 5G networks, there is a high probability that the iPad 10 will have a 5G version.

The last is the release time that everyone cares about. Considering that the iPad 9 will be released in September 2021, Apple will release the iPad 10 as soon as next month, and the possibility of debuting in October cannot be ruled out.

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