December 4, 2022

Assalamu alaikum to everyone. Do you recite the Holy Quran Majeed regularly? If it’s yes, then we are here to help you reciting Quran majid more convenient way. 

You can get the whole Quran Sharif in our Holy Quran German application. Interested readers may access this application with just a few touches that will help them add more inclination to Quran. We are now leading busiest life that sometimes we can not carry holy Quran mazeed in our tiny bag. In this circumstance, if we need any ayat of Quran at any moment, then the medium or something like the medium of Quran we need, that can hold the whole holy Quran in a body. You can just use this application to eradicate this kind of difficulty. This is how this application can help you.

Every one knows that, there are totally 6236 ayats in Al-Quran and a reader will get ten sawab for one letter of Quran. Recitation of the holy Quran Sharif: “There is no doubt that Quran Sharif is the best guide in this world”. Our Al-Quran Deutsch application maintains the way like the book form of Quran majeed maintains itself. So a reader might not face any problem in the time of recitation. Hence, with honour and respect, you can keep it reading through this Deutsch Quran application as like as you read the book of Quran Sharif before.

With this Islamic book app, you are getting Hafizi quran with real page-curl experience. This is not just a textual app, it is an audio Quran app. You can listen telwat of Quran ayats continuously (internet connection required). You can search words or topic in German on this Quran app. Bookmark the ayat / verse you like / quote. Share the ayat / verse you want.

Features :
1. Quran meaning in german for 5 translators,
– Abu Rida Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rassoul
– A. S. F. Bubenheim and N. Elyas
– Adel Theodor Khoury
– Amir Zaidan
2.. Search by Sura

3. Search by Topic / word

4. Hafizi quran (Para / Juz & Sura List)

5. Play audio verse by verse
6. Play Surah audio with German translation

7. Bookmark ayat / verse
8. Share ayat / verse

9. Three reciters for verse by verse Quran Audio

- Abdullah Ali Jabir

– Maher al-Muaiqly

- Abdur-Rahman as-Sudais

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By TopOfStack Software Limited

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