February 7, 2023

YouTube pinch to zoom feature

YouTube is offering a new feature “Pinch to Zoom” for premium members for a limited time, which allows you to enlarge / reduce the video by pinching in / pinching out with two fingers. I tried it with the “YouTube” app on my iPhone.

Limited time only until September 1, 2022

YouTube’s new feature ‘Pinch and Zoom’ is available as a beta version for paid service YouTube premium members for a limited time until September 1, 2022.
We also have a form for you to give us your feedback after trying out the feature.
In the future, it will be opened as a feature for all YouTube users, similar to the Picture in Picture (PiP) mode.

I tried “pinch to zoom”

The author, who has a YouTube Premium subscription, enabled the “pinch to zoom” function and tried it on the iPhone’s “YouTube” app.
I tried YouTube

The “pinch to zoom” function can be enabled from the “Settings” menu from the icon at the top right of the “Home” tab screen and “Try the new function”.
Since the “pinch to zoom” function cannot be used during playback in the in-app playback window or in picture-in-picture mode, it is necessary to switch to full screen view.
After displaying in full screen, you can zoom in up to 8.0 times by pinching in with two fingers, and the magnification ratio will be displayed.
If you release your finger, you can continue playback with the magnification fixed, and if you trace the video with your finger, you can also move the enlarged position.
I tried YouTube

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If you are using YouTube Premium, please try it.
Source: YouTube via MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania