January 29, 2023

M2 MacBook Air Safari 15.6 Speedometer 2.0

The combination of the M2 processor and the latest Safari 15.6 has resulted in a browser benchmark test Speedometer 2.0 score of 400, the highest on the market.

M2 + Safari 15.6 is the fastest combination ever

In the browser benchmark test “Speedometer 2.0” published by Apple’s WebKit team, a score of 400 was recorded with a MacBook Air with an M2 processor and the latest version of Safari 15.6, David Heinemeier Hansson, a prominent programmer. is tweeting Mr.
This result is 33% faster than the M1 and A15 processors, and 2.5 times faster than the iMac with Intel i7 with an operating frequency of 4.2 GHz.

Apple WebKit team leader Maciej Stachowiak (@othermaciej) responded to Hanson’s tweet by saying that Safari 15.6 with the M2 processor is the first combination to score over 400 on the Speedometer. I’m replying.


Compare scores on M2, M1 and M1 Pro

MacWorld compares Speedometer 2.0 scores on Safari 15.6, Chrome 104 and Safari Technology Preview 150 with Macs with M2 (10-core GPU), M1 (8-core GPU) and M1 Pro (16-core GPU) doing. The score is the average value measured three times.
In combination with Safari 15.6, the M2 scored 18% faster than the M1 and 11% faster than the M1 Pro.

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M2 Speedometer 2.0: Safari 15.6

In Chrome 104, although the difference is smaller than Safari, the M2 scored 339, which is 9% higher than the M1 and M1 Pro.

M2 Speedometer 2.0: Chrome

In the just released Safari Technology Preview 150, the M2 scored 420, even better than Safari 15.6, 18% faster than the M1 and 15% faster than the M1 Pro.

M2 Speedometer 2.0: STP

At the time of writing this article, Speedometer 2.1 has been released.
Source: MacWorld, AAPL.ch, Speedometer 2.0, Speedometer 2.1

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