February 7, 2023

mac studio

The Mac desktop model Mac Studio is in high demand and has been waiting for shipment for up to 10 weeks, even though it has already been six months since its release.

Up to 10 weeks waiting time in Japan

A baseline Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip will ship in one to three weeks, depending on storage and memory choices. However, the higher-end models with the more powerful M1 Ultra chip will have to wait at least 7 weeks for the standard option with 48-core GPU and up to 10 weeks for the 64-core GPU option.
Despite being a high-end product starting at 278,800 yen (tax included), Mac Studio has maintained high demand since its launch in March 2022.
The Studio Display, which can be used in combination with Mac Studio, has a 3-4 week lead time for shipping.
All other Mac models are available for immediate purchase, with the exception of certain configurations of the 24-inch iMac shipping in three to four weeks.
Source: MacRumors
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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