December 4, 2022

Today, the blogger Digital Chat Station hinted that the OPPO Find X6 series flagship not only uses a monster outsole of about 1 inch, but also a high-pixel telephoto, which will make up for the regret of the previous generation Find X5 series.

As we all know, OPPO Find X5 Pro has a rear 50 million main camera, 50 million super wide-angle and 13 million telephoto, of which the main camera is Sony IMX766, with a 1/1.56-inch outsole.

In contrast, the OPPO Find X6 series jumped to a 1-inch monster-level outsole, and the model should be Sony IMX989. It is also equipped with a high-pixel telephoto lens, which means that the zoom capability of the Find X6 series has also improved.

Make up for regrets! OPPO Find X6 image quality change: 1-inch monster outsole + high-pixel telephoto

It is reported that the IMX989 used in the OPPO Find X6 series is Sony’s largest mobile phone image sensor so far. Compared with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Sony IMX989 1-inch super outsole has a 172% increase in the photosensitive area and a 76% increase in photosensitive capacity. It is increased by 32.5%, and the startup speed is increased by 11%.

In addition, the OPPO Find X6 series will also be equipped with the self-developed chip Mariana MariSilicon X, which is a 6nm image-specific NPU chip manufactured by TSMC.

Mariana MariSilicon X integrates OPPO’s self-developed and industry-leading MariLumi image processing unit, which can support up to 20bit image processing and Ultra HDR ultra-dynamic range. The picture-to-light ratio can reach up to 1,000,000:1, which is four times that of the current top platform. performance.

With a 1-inch super outsole, a high-pixel telephoto lens, and the Mariana MariSilicon X, the Find X6 series of images will be significantly upgraded compared to the previous generation.

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Make up for regrets! OPPO Find X6 image quality change: 1-inch monster outsole + high-pixel telephoto

OPPO Find X5 Pro

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