February 8, 2023


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A good novel is like a romantic encounter.As a premium reading platform, Meetfic provides fantastic novels for readers all over the world in various kinds of genres, such as Romance, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Werewolf & Vampire, Billionaire, Action, Adventure,Thriller & Suspense and so on.

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● Personalized page-turning setting: scroll, flip or slide the pages as you want
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● Reading model: Daytime Mode and Night Mode for you to choose,you can enjoy an easy read at any time
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「Exclusive Hot Novels on Meetfic」
Flash Marriage with Mysterious Husband

“This woman, I want it!” Ave, who was betrayed by her boyfriend, turned into the wife of George Thomas.
In the lounge, his ruthlessness made her collapse, “What the hell are you marrying me for?”
The man laughed evilly, “Marrying you, of course, is to humiliate you!” ”

The Haunted Bus
An experienced police academy professor is involved in a series of paranormal cases while finding disappearance of his girlfriend. He is involved in the investigation of the “Missing Bus 330 Case”, “Lady in Red Serial Murder Case”, “Telephone Murder Case”, “Dirty Dumping Maniac “…… Let’s follow Professor Lee to find out the truth of the suspenseful cases.

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Original Sin: Good Morning, Dear Secretary
“Mr. Mann. Please don’t. I’m Julia, not Alana…”
She just wanted to stay by his side and loved him with heart and soul. However, calling the name of his first love, he pulled her into his arms after getting drunk.
He even didn’t know who she was that night, let alone the child.

Locked-up Marriage:My Little Mute Wife
She is a mute, unknown to the world. At the age of 20, she was set up by her own brother. At the age of 21, she gave birth to Cesar Rulon’s son. She has been married for three years, and she has not been recognized as a really Mrs. Rulon. A gentle and beautiful tutor, a popular star who can’t be beautiful, a gentle and generous socialite… There are many women around him. Finally, she couldn’t bear the suffering and left, taking nothing with her…. After three years, they eventually met again.

Devil Ex-Husband, Get Away
Emily has loved Roger since she was a child. But Roger married her for revenge, Fannie is his priority.
This is last time Emily helps Roger. Finally, they divorced. Roger finds that he already loves Emily…
After three years, Emily walks out of the airport with a little boy who Roger doesn’t realize looks a lot like him.

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