February 7, 2023


Introducing India’s First All-in-one Investment Management Platform to Transform the Mutual Fund Industry
MFCentral is the investor services hub conceived by CAMS & KFintech powering a new era of collaboration
by providing convenience to transact across all folios of an investor with unparalleled user experience.
MFCentral is introduced as a unified platform for all your Mutual Fund related needs. This is a Mutual Fund
Industry initiative to minimize the need to visit multiple industry players to access your portfolio,
statements, Service Requests and investments.


MFCentral will cover all your Mutual Fund Folios having the same PAN/PEKRN and Registered Mobile
Number. Portfolio coverage will be offered across all such Folios in Demat or Non-Demat forms. However,
Service Requests are currently restricted to only your Non-Demat Holdings that are originated using MFU
(Mutual Funds Utility).
Managing your service requests can’t get any simpler!
My Portfolio – Fund house wise & Asset class wise details (SoA & DEMAT holdings)
Service Requests:
Change of IDCW Option
Change/Update Email Address
Change Regsitered Mobile Number
Consoldiation of Folios
Correction of erroneous data captured in Folio
Change of Banj Account Details
Multiple Bank Mandate Registration
Update Nominee Details
Update Bank IFSC
Change of Tax Status (Resident Indian / Non-Resident Indian)
Transmission Request
FATCA/CRS Declaration
Status Modification from Minor to Major
Update Form 15 G/H Details
Track Status
Unclaimed Payouts
Consolidated Account Statements
Your personal and investment data currently resides with the Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTA) and is
absolutely safe with them. MFCentral is a collaborative effort that only populates the data as available in the
RTA system. All such sensitive information is as secure as they were before MFCentral. A very limited log-in
credentials related information is stored in MFCentral in a highly secured environment.

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