January 29, 2023


mineo has announced the launch of eSIM. Plan A (au line) will be available from August 24, and D Plan (docomo line) will be available from February 2023.

From August 24th, it is possible to apply for eSIM with mineo’s au line

mineo will start providing eSIM on the A plan (au line) from August 24th.
Compatible terminals are eSIM compatible iPhones such as iPhone SE (second generation or later) and iPhone 13 series, and eSIM compatible Android terminals such as AQUOS sense6 / wish, Xperia 10 IV, Rakuten Hand 5G. Terminals whose operation has been confirmed will be posted on the mineo official website in sequence.
The initial cost for a new eSIM contract is the same as when issuing a conventional SIM card, with a contract processing fee of 3,300 yen and a SIM profile issuance fee of 440 yen.
From February 2023, it will also be available for D Plan (docomo line). The S plan (Softbank line) has not been announced.
Source: Optage (mineo)

Source: iPhone Mania

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