February 8, 2023


MXBus is a monitor mixing app for all Behringer X32 and X-Air mixing consoles that allows musicians on stage to control their own monitor mix with their iOS device. It also supports the Midas versions of these mixers (M32* and M-Air)

It features stereo channels to save screen real-estate, namable groups and automatic console discovery. Musicians can control the send levels into their monitoring mix bus for all channels aux tracks and effects returns.

It makes the sound check painless and allows you to adjust the mix during the gig.

Some key differentiating Features:
• Linked channels are treated as a stereo channel to save screen space. 
• Double tapping a fader knob sets it 0.
• Double tapping the panning control on a stereo channel pans the signal hard L/R. Another double tap reverses the panning.

And as always: The app is built with data privacy in mind – no adds, no tracking!

The PRO pack unlocks even more features like:
• Decayed meters with peak memory
• Compression meters
• Gate LEDs
• Channel mute buttons (X32)
• Group mute buttons (X32)
• Unlimited groups
• Scenes
• Bus EQ


By Andreas Keldenich

Download from Itunes

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