November 26, 2022

I’m actually experiencing keyboard nightmare these days. Trying to get several different environments to feel somewhat the same from an input perspective. Mac laptop, Mac desktop (docked), Windows laptop, Windows docked and the iPad with a keyboard.

It’s pretty insane one of the best input devices is the iPad magic keyboard. Both the trackpad and the keyboard are pretty much perfection.

On my Macbook pro 16 laptop, the keyboard is sort of sucky to me but might be better if I only used it but I’m always bouncing around. The laptop trackpad is awesome!

The Magic Trackpad that I use when I am docked works very well with the Mac but it doesn’t work worth a crap in Windows without loading some open source drivers which I can’t do at all at work. I use the MX keys at home when docked and at least it works with all platforms but it is very average from the key travel and placement department. I have always been disappointed with that purchase compared to what other people said about it. I have a MX mouse which works fine.

I’m short, finding a consistent user experience with all of these different keyboards is very frustrating and I wish I could just find one keyboard to rule them all. I wish the keyboard Gods would require all keyboards to at least be laid out the same.

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