February 7, 2023

iPhone 14 Purple

Rumors have intensified that Apple will launch the iPhone 14 in less than a month. There are many people who will predict what the new terminal will look like. Colors, battery, design…everything matters, and we have to pay attention because some of these rumors are true and how we’ll end up seeing the new model. If there’s been talk recently that the launch price will be the same as the last two models, there’s now talk of a purple iPhone with a whopping 30w charger and a few other things.

One of the most likely rumors to make it to the top 5 is the launch of the iPhone 14 in new colors. As before, new colors have been added to the collection, while others have been withdrawn. It is speculated that the next color of the phone will be purple. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this rumor, but it’s staying that way for now because it hasn’t come true. A strong comeback that seems likely to be final.

A new color came along and another had to go. Purple is said to replace pink in the base range, while in the Pro, blue will be eliminated in favor of this new color. So at least he said analyst Jioriku via his Twitter account.

But he didn’t stop at analyzing color. There has also been talk of using the same materials in the manufacture of new phones. Their storage will also not change. We will continue to use the same functionality. What’s new in charging devices. Apple may support 30W wired and MagSafe charging.

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