November 30, 2022

Watch out! It may make you throw up. Our brand new Model Y Long Range, collected 23rd February 2022 from the NEC in the UK, made in Shanghai so actually made in 2021, gives us headaches and makes us throw up. It has standard 19inch wheels with awful Hankook tyres, whose tread pattern looks very similar to that of a 7.5te truck.
With no parcel shelf supplied, the pounding of these tyres on the road, amplifies throughout the cabin to cause a reverberating sound pressure wave that assaults our ears, similar to the sound pressure “beat” when being close to a helicopter.
After Tesla Service Nottingham agreed this “was harsh to the ear” and then, gave us “they are all the same guv & it will wear off after 200 miles or so as the tyres wear in” typical dealer guff, we tried driving it again.
We got headaches after a few miles and our driver had to stop to throw up at 120 miles.
At 543 miles, the reverberation hasn’t “worn off” and we can only reduce it a little by increasing cabin pressure via turning on “bio defence mode” or driving with the windows open – not a realistic option on motorway journeys obviously.
Tesla told us that we should approach Black Horse Finance – Tesla’s finance partner in the UK – if we wished to achieve a “mutually satisfactory outcome”.
Black Horse Finance initially assured us that the vehicle will be returned to Tesla for a full refund and so, to stand by for their vehicle collection contractor to take it away.
Weeks later, it seems that Black Horse Finance may be going back on their word, after Tesla told them the same “they are all the same guv” guff and declined to fix it.
Apart from this obvious, fatal flaw, we love the car and would be very happy if Tesla fixed it.
Or, if Tesla took it back, we would happily order another one (maybe even a Model Y Performance) – assuming that to be booming reverberation-free – as we see from other reviewers that this problem seems to have been fixed on new production out of Giga-Berlin.
We have had a Model 3 Long Range for 2 years that we love and have a Model X Plaid reservation, that we are saving hard for, in the hope we can afford one when UK pricing gets announced.

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