February 7, 2023

March 2022 AppleEvent CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s parody account post about the next iPhone has become a hot topic.

Going beyond mobile phones and cameras to the next realm

An image comparing the evolution of the camera protrusions of the iPhone X to iPhone 14 Pro side by side was released the other day. The iPhone14 Pro is expected to have a larger rear camera than the iPhone13 Pro, but Apple’s Cook CEO parody account Tim Cook Parody (@TimothyCookothy) made an interesting comment.
“The iPhone used to be a mobile phone + camera, but next month it will be a camera + mobile phone.”

One user replied with an image of the Samsung Galaxy Camera saying something like that already exists.

A parody image of the iPhone 15 Pro, where the camera spreads across the back, has also become a hot topic, but it seems that Apple’s trends are attracting attention.
Source: @TimothyCookothy/Twitter

Source: iPhone Mania

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