January 29, 2023

iPhone14 Pro AL0821

Leaker Ice universe (@UniverseIce) explains the improvements made possible by Samsung Display’s new material for organic EL (OLED) displays, M12. It is rumored that an OLED display using the same material will be installed in the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 installed before iPhone 14 Pro

Ice universe (@UniverseIce) reports on the improvements realized by Samsung Display’s new material “M12”, which is rumored to be used in Galaxy Z Fol4 and used in OLED displays for the iPhone 14 Pro series.
Samsung Display M12_2

He explained that the OLED display “Eco² OLED Plus” for Galaxy Z Fold4 manufactured using M12 consumes only 48% of the power consumption compared to conventional OLED displays.
The material of the previous generation “Eco² OLED” is “M11”, which is expected to be used for the iPhone14 and iPhone14 Max as the OLED display for the iPhone13 Pro series.
Samsung Display M12_4

As a result, OLED displays manufactured using “M12” have improved brightness and reduced power consumption at the same brightness as before, says Ice universe (@UniverseIce).
Samsung Display M12_1

This is likely due to the high transmittance of the new red, green, and blue materials in M12.
Samsung Display M12_3


Source: Ice universe (@UniverseIce)/Twitter, NetEase
Photo: Konstantin Konovalov (@aaple_lab)/Twitter

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