February 7, 2023

SmartBP apple watch blood pressure

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a patent filed by Apple for an Apple Watch blood pressure measurement interface.

Patent for user notification and data addition screen

Apple has applied for patents related to blood pressure measurement with Apple Watch by multiple methods, such as a method using a general cuff (air bag) and a sensor method.
Apple’s application this time is about the interface when notifying the user of the measured blood pressure.
Apple Watch is rumored to have a blood pressure measurement function in 2025.

Blood pressure measurement method and high blood pressure notification screen

Blood pressure measurement using Apple Watch combines photoelectric capacitive pulse wave measurement sensor (618), gyro sensor (620), electrocardiogram measurement sensor (622), etc. installed in Apple Watch (624 in chart 6G below). do.
The decision as to whether a user is hypertensive or not is based on blood pressure measurement records (626 in Chart 6G below) over a predetermined period of time, such as 30 days, rather than on a single measurement.
Notifications to users with high blood pressure will be sent (Figure 6H below) when “Hypertensive status notification” is enabled (650C in Figure 6C below).
Apple Watch BP UI Patent_1

How to manually add measurement data to the blood pressure measurement record

It seems that users can manually add measured values ​​to blood pressure measurement records in addition to the measurement results with Apple Watch.
Figures 8D to 8R below show the user interface when adding data to the blood pressure measurement record. Drawn.
Apple Watch BP UI Patent_2

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Source: Justia via Patently Apple
Photo: SmartBP/App Store

Source: iPhone Mania