February 7, 2023

Pixelmator Photos

Apps within the App Store they can be free or paid. However, many free apps include in-app purchases or subscription systems to keep all features available. Pixelmator Photo just got a change, and it’s one of the best apps for editing photos on iOS and iPadOS. Since then, it’s a subscription app for new users with access to the full app with a single payment. We tell you what changes to this new model after the jump.

Pixelmator Photo developers change subscription system

Pixelmator Photo is one of the best apps for editing photos on your iPad or iPhone. It makes use of a large number of Apple’s development kits, so it always includes new features for all operating systems. An example of this is the integration of technologies such as Metal, Core ML or Core Image, which can increase processing speed in addition to editing RAW photos directly from the application.

So far, Pixelmator Photo is a one-time payment app that costs $7.99. However, a few hours ago, the app’s developers explained the change in app prices and why on their official blog extensively. Pixelmator Photo is now a subscription app that can only be accessed via monthly, annual or single payment.

These are the current prices:

  • Annual subscription € 27,49
  • Monthly subscription € 5,49
  • forever€54,99

That is, a person can make a single payment of 54,99 euros without having to pay the application fee again. However, if you want to pay monthly or annually, you will have to pay again when the payment is due. That’s how subscription apps work.


For those who purchased the app prior to this change, you can enjoy the full version of Pixelmator Photo without being subject to this new subscription system. On the other hand, the same blog announced the release of a version of Pixelmator Photo for Mac that will revolutionize photo editing on macOS, which will be available by the end of this year.

Pixelmator Photos (AppStore Link)