February 7, 2023


KDDI distributes a promo code for data topping (1GB / 3 days) to users of online-only brand povo2.0 as an ‘apology’ for the communication failure that occurred on July 2, 2022. I also received the promo code, so I will introduce the text of the email.

Distribute “apology” promo code

As an apology for the large-scale communication failure that occurred on July 2, 2022, KDDI announced that all smartphones, etc. that had contracts between 1:35 am on July 2nd and 3:00 pm on July 4th We are taking measures to refund 200 yen (excluding tax) to users. Specifically, 200 yen (excluding tax) will be deducted from the billed amount.
For povo 2.0 users with a basic charge of 0 yen, we plan to provide a promo code for data topping (1GB / 3 days) that allows high-speed communication, and will be held from August 16th to August 31st. announced that it will distribute promo codes to users by email.
On the other hand, KDDI does not ask you to enter personal information in refund notification SMS or promo code distribution emails, and we are calling on you to be careful of fake SMS and emails.

Email or SMS content

The e-mail that arrived at the author of povo2.0 user is as follows. It was sent from the address “Important notice from povo 2.0”, and the sender’s email address was [email protected]
Promo codes that can be used with the povo2.0 app are listed directly, and no links to web pages are set. Also, of course, there is no sentence asking for personal information.
The expiry date of the apology promo code is February 28, 2023 (Tuesday). The text of the email I received is as follows.
povo promo 1

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Also, the refund guidance SMS from UQ mobile that also arrived at the writer of iPhone Mania is as follows. In addition, it seems that the originator is KDDI’s inquiry phone number.
As with emails from povo, no links to web pages are set. In addition, the user’s procedure for refund is not required.

Phishing acts pretending to be mobile phone companies have occurred sporadically, and in 2021, phishing scams pretending to be DoCoMo caused more than 100 million yen in damage.
Users eligible for refunds should be very careful of fake emails and fake SMS that piggyback on refunds related to communication failures.
Source: KDDI

Source: iPhone Mania