December 3, 2022

Rakuten Mobile

Around noon on September 4th, a communication failure occurred in the mobile service “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII” provided by Rakuten Mobile.
Rakuten Mobile reports that it has now recovered.

Caused by system failure

According to Rakuten Mobile, some users of Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII had difficulty making calls and data communications for about three and a half hours from around 10:58 am to around 1:26 pm on September 4th. has occurred.
The company explained that the cause was “due to a system failure.”
Rakuten Mobile advises that if data communication is still difficult to use, it may be improved by performing one of the following operations.

  • Airplane mode setting (ON/OFF)
  • Device reboot (power on/off)

Source: Rakuten Mobile

Source: iPhone Mania

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