November 27, 2022

The Robi Intelligent Solutions app connects seamlessly and provides users with the ability to communicate with all electronic devices in the Intelligent Solutions ecosystem. The app acts as a central hub for monitoring and communicates between all offered services within the ecosystem.

The services which are included in the ecosystem are Intelligent Switch, Intelligent Gas Detector, Intelligent Asset Tracker, Intelligent Vehicle Tracker, Intelligent Motorbike Tracker, Intelligent Surveillance, Intelligent ID Card etc.

Intelligent Switch will provide end to end connectivity with the home ecosystem. This will allow the user to control all kinds of electronic devices remotely using just one app. Machine to machine connection will intelligently turn devices on and off or change modes based on time of day, presence of residents or weather alterations. Smart
Home-enabled devices can also operate in conjunction with other devices in the home and communicate information to other smart devices. Any device that runs on electricity can be converted to a smart device, e.g. light, fan, air conditioner/ cooler, heating systems, entertainment units, kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances and so on.

The intelligent gas detector is able to detect any kind of flammable or pollutant gas in its periphery and send an alert to registered users. It analyzes its surroundings for atmospheric content and shares real-time reports. It is automatically able to detect any deviation from the optimum level and alert the users through SMS, app notifications and audible alarms.

Intelligent asset tracker will be able to track and locate goods using GPS and share the exact location of that object or its handler.

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Intelligent ID Card is a smart tracker for child safety monitoring. It enables parents to track the location of children with 95% accuracy within 190 meters. It has geo fencing, which informs parents when their children enter or leave a particular area. It also has an SOS button for contacting the parent if the child feels he/she is in danger.

Intelligent motorbike Tracker helps the bike owner always be informed about the bike’s physical location, historical location tracking, emergency SOS button and a built-in anti-theft alarm along with remote engine turn-off.

Intelligent Child Surveillance is an IP camera which enables parents to always be in connection with their children. It has built-in IR illuminator which enables wary parents to check up on their children even in not so ideal lighting conditions. It has a two-way communication stream, with a 3d noise reduction for better audio quality.

Intelligent Car Tracker assist vehicle owners to always keep an eye on the physical location of their car. It has live tracking with position updates, along with historical tracking report. It has a built-in anti-theft alarm along with remote engine turn-off.

By Robi Axiata Limited

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