November 30, 2022

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On September 2, local time, Samsung announced that its system in the United States was compromised by a third party and the personal information of some users was leaked.

No credit card number leaked

In a document entitled “Important Notice Regarding Customer Information,” Samsung stated that in late July 2022, a third party illegally obtained some users’ personal information from a system operated in the United States. clarified.
After taking measures to protect the affected system, Samsung asked a major external security company to investigate, and is currently working with law enforcement agencies to resolve the issue.
The exfiltrated data may have included names, contacts, demographic information, dates of birth and product registration information, but said it did not include social security numbers or credit card information. .
The number of users affected this time has not been announced, but it means that we are individually notifying users who may have been affected.
Samsung said that the information leak was “discovered around August 4 in the process of investigation,” but did not clarify the reason for the delay in the announcement.
Source: Samsung

Source: iPhone Mania

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