December 2, 2022

Samsung movies

It has been pointed out that the promotional video posted by Samsung’s official account on Twitter is actually promoting Apple.

Years ahead of Apple!claim

Samsung Mobile US has posted three short videos on its official Twitter account claiming that its Galaxy Z Flip series, Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy S series are years ahead of Apple in terms of technology. Did.
Each video is 6 seconds long and titled “What the Flip, Apple?”, “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?”, and “48 megapixel? You’re almost there, Apple!”

Apple’s name is displayed all the time

“What the Flip, Apple?” and “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?” It is a content to announce that Apple has installed a 48-megapixel camera in the iPhone 14 Pro series (Galaxy claims to have the same level of camera two and a half years ago).
However, every video displays the word “Apple” in large letters for six seconds, and comments such as “It seems like you are promoting Apple” have been made one after another.

Source: Samsung Mobile US via Alvin/Twitter

Source: iPhone Mania

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