December 5, 2022

Samsung OneUI 5

History repeats itself. Apple released a software update, in this case iOS 16, and everyone else copied it. This is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop surprising us. This surprises us because every time Apple makes a move, rivals and haters don’t skimp on dissenting rhetoric or waste time getting them to see and get noticed. It’s usually Samsung who dares to put out ads that mock Apple, but it didn’t take long for it to launch something similar for its phones. It happened again: amsung with OneUI 5 is very similar (same) to iOS 16.

Honestly, Samsung OneUI 5 is not iOS 16, just in terms of lockscreen customization. As you can see in the image, we can add dates in different custom sizes and choose fonts for numbers. The fonts are the same ones that Apple provided in the new update that came with the iPhone 14. So it never surprises us to hear that Apple is late to phone customization, and Android already has it. 10 years… wait, and then take the same idea as American companies. They just need to add the dynamic island and everything should be fine. But if they even had a notch!

It has subtle differences. For example, Samsung offers five different watch styles, while Apple offers eight. . But a lot of equality. On both operating systems, users can change the color of the clock. Both provide a “collection” of backgrounds, highlighted in a similar fashion. While Apple offers built-in and third-party widgets, as of now, Samsung only offers widget icons for notifications.

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Finally, history repeats itself. Samsung copying Apple, though ‘I’m late everywhere’