February 7, 2023

Children love Jigsaw puzzles! Shape Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle especially designed for little children. After you complete a picture, a cute turtle will pops out and tell you the name of the object you just assembled. What’s more, each object belongs to a certain scene and after you finish all the items, a vivid scene appears!

Shape Puzzle attracts children by colorful pictures and babies can learn many words while playing. They remember the words better because of the vivid images of objects and scenes.

2 to 6 is the best age to develop children’s visual memory. Shape Puzzle provides a number of interesting objects and scenes to children so that they can easily learn new words and through repetitive assembly of pictures remember them easily.

It’s so much fun and your children will love it!

* Forest scene
* Market scene
* Transportation scene
* Room scene
* Underwater World scene
* Christmas scene
* Playground scene
* Farm scene
* Musical instrument scene
* Stationery scene

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