January 29, 2023

iPhone13 Pro camera

Smartphones enrich our lives, but unfortunately there are also criminals who use smartphones for illegal activities.
Recently, it seems that it has become the latest essential item for car break-ins.

You can see inside the company through the smoke

According to WREG reports, smartphone cameras are often used to break into cars these days.
The reason is that if you look at the preview screen with the camera lens in contact with the side window of the car, you can see inside the car through tinted glass that makes it difficult to see inside, such as smoked glass. increase.
In an actual experiment conducted by WREG, the smartphone screen clearly shows the inside of the dark side window, as shown in the photo below:
Use your smartphone camera to see through the smoked glass

Be careful if someone puts the smartphone camera perfectly against the side window

The principle is simple. In the case of smoked glass, the inside of the car is darker than the outside, making it difficult to see the inside. It seems that it will be.
It is better not to leave valuables in the car even if it uses smoked glass.
Also, if someone is holding their smartphone camera right up to the side window of their car, it could be a car break-in.

Source: WREG via PhoneArena

Source: iPhone Mania

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