January 29, 2023


Ali cloud server selection special: 1 core 1G cloud server as low as 0.9 yuan / month


Apple Online Store (China)


AirPlay came in second with 17.23%, followed by Battery Health Check in third with 12.40%, Offload App (a management space scheme that allows manual/automatic release of local iPhone storage space) in fourth with 9.82%, and finally Drag was fifth with 8.37%.

FaceTime is Apple’s proprietary video chat application and ecosystem available on iPhone, Mac and iPad devices. Recently, however, Android and Windows users have also been able to join a FaceTime call through an invitation they received. For a long time in the past, FaceTime was limited to users of the Apple ecosystem, but with competition from services such as Zoom and Google Meet, Apple has also begun to open FaceTime to other platforms.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, apps like FaceTime allowed people to stay connected, even when they were forced to separate. This type of software has helped many of us regain a sense of intimacy that a simple phone call can’t. FaceTime, along with other popular apps, has even been used to help families talk to patients who can’t visit their loved ones in the hospital during quarantine.

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