November 30, 2022

I think some puzzles in this Domain are in general, poorly designed.
It’s indeed mostly about catching details and logic, but…

I remember at least one puzzle (with the hole in a roof I think), where created lines didn’t actually match the angle presented on the “solution theme”. And I think it also had an unexpected exception “rule” where projectile laser could actually cross 2 devices,
Other puzzles, like the one just before underwater chest (room which you can see exaclty at 9:17) was about rotated perspective – and even when you noticed it, you still could have hard time to see a whole “solution theme”, without Geo construct / jumping up.

Chest in a room with fake chests I found accidentally, probably not a big thing, but I have to say that even with reflections turned on, I didn’t notice it in a water.
Another thing which might be annoying for some people is the fact that some devices does Not disappear after completing puzzle related to it.
A really bothersome if you make a longer break from this domain, or (as for me) if you assume there are more than one reward with same devices set – because that’s what game suggests.

Chests which I missed were No. 3 (cuz I never fell), No. 6 (even with reflection I still didn’t get the actual shape should be Heart) and the No. 11 (cuz I didn’t know a platform can be now spawned).

Overall, a really beautiful & creative domain, but at a same time – the most annoying one.

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