February 7, 2023

WWDC22 iPadOS16 Stage Manager

Until now, iOS and iPadOS have been released at the same time. However, iOS16 is expected to be released in September as usual, while iPadOS16 is expected to be released in October.
For this reason, Bloomberg’s Mark Garman reporter explains in detail in the newsletter “Power On”.

Want your iPad closer to your Mac?

Garman reported the other day that the release of iPadOS16 will be delayed in October due to the delay in the development of the stage manager.
According to the same reporter, Apple is trying to make the iPad more like a Mac, and the stage manager is part of that strategy (in fact, both macOS and iPadOS have the stage manager feature).
So it makes more sense for Apple to release a bunch of similar operating systems in October, along with new hardware (Apple is rumored to announce a new iPad in October). , Garman said.

Stage manager with many problems

However, the beta version of iPadOS 16 has revealed that the stage manager has many problems.
German himself and the feedback he gathered from other testers is that Apple’s strengths are not intuitive, it doesn’t have macOS-like multitasking, it crashes suddenly, and some iPads. It seems that many problems have been reported about the stage manager, such as incompatibility with the app, iPadOS16 Beta 4 has more bugs than Beta 3.
Given all these troubles, it’s easy to see why Apple made Stages Manager an “optional,” Garman says.

There is no example of setting the featured function as an option from the beginning

However, at least as far as the Garman reporter remembers, there seems to be no example in the past where Apple set the feature function to “option” from the beginning.
Apple decided not to release iPadOS16 at the same time as the new iPhones, Apple Watch, iOS16 and watchOS9, as it is unlikely that the stage manager, which has so many problems at this stage, will be greatly improved in a few months. Garman reporter speculates.

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Source: Power On

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