December 4, 2022

iPhone14 Pro teardown video

The iPhone 14 series sold in the United States is an eSIM-only model, so it does not have a physical SIM tray.
Of course, there should be enough space for that, but an interesting fact was revealed from the released disassembly video of the iPhone14 Pro Max.

Clarified from disassembly video of iPhone14 Pro Max

The YouTube channel PBKreviews has released a teardown video of the US version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The US version iPhone 14 series is an eSIM-only model, so of course there is no SIM tray.
PBKreviews originally commented in the video that where the SIM tray used to be, there is a module for satellite communication that will be available in the United States and Canada from November (now deleted).
However, it seems that it is not actually a satellite communication module, but simply filled with plastic.

It is also pointed out that it is natural to fill with plastic

A comment has been posted on Reddit lamenting that the SIM tray space is not being used effectively, but the US media Macworld says that the eSIM is only available in the US version, and the iPhone 14 series sold in other regions has a SIM tray. He points out that it is natural that the empty part is filled with plastic as long as it is equipped with.
In the near future, when iPhones sold worldwide become compatible with dual eSIM, it is expected that the internal design of the iPhone will change significantly.

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Source: PBKreviews/YouTube, Macworld, Reddit

Source: iPhone Mania