January 29, 2023


Are you speaking enough to your baby? The number of words you speak determines the future IQ and academic success of your little baby. Thriveful helps you to record your baby playtime together, calculates how many words you speak every day and gives you helpful tips on how to do better next time.

How does it work?

** MONITOR: Check your progress every day and see how the number of words you speak changes with time, day and even week!

** LEARN: Get our Daily Tips once a day at the time you pick and learn science-based, digestible chunks of parenting wizardry to better engage with your little one and make their brain absorb words faster!

** CONNECT: Connect with special offers from our community of early childhood specialists, researchers and passionate educators!

How to get started?

Simply download Thriveful on your phone and start recording your daily interactions! Your data is safely anonymised and stored on our servers and using our Natural Language Processing algorithm we will keep you updated abut your progress and suggest you activities for your baby’s developmental trajectory.

Discover the power of words!


By Thriveful Group Limited

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