December 4, 2022


In a survey on the brand of new car that people want to buy next in the United States, Apple, which is currently unknown if it will be announced, ranked third with more points than Tesla.

Apple added for the first time in this year’s survey

Research firm Strategic Vision surveyed nearly 200,000 new car buyers about their purchase intentions for more than 45 car brands.
The company has been conducting the same research for nearly 30 years, and the car brands available include those not currently sold in the United States. In this survey in 2022, Apple was added for the first time due to the possibility of launch in the near future.

Ranked 3rd, surpassing Ford and Tesla

As a result of the survey, 26% answered that they would “definitely consider” Apple, followed by Toyota (38%) in first place, Honda (32%) in second place, followed by Ford (21%) and Tesla (20%). ).
In addition, Apple had the highest rate of choosing “I like it” as a reason to choose this brand over other car brands, more than twice as many as Honda, Toyota and Tesla.
What’s more interesting is that over 50% of current Tesla owners said they would definitely consider the Apple Car of the future.

When will the Apple Car arrive?

Apple has been rumored to be developing an electric vehicle Apple Car that incorporates automatic driving technology under the name of Project Titan for quite some time, but when will it be introduced to the market and what shape will it take? remains unknown.

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Source: Strategic Vision via 9to5Mac
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania